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Search API

The search API allow you to search a program in all programs diffused in the last 15 days with differents sort of search.
You can search in all subtitles with a direct query or with a particular leank.

To search a particular leank you have to use the Lookup API for having the id of the leank and then use this id in the Search API.
You can search anything in this list:

The lookup API allow you to search a particular leankr in all programs during the last past 15 days.
It is a pre-request wich give you informations needed by the real search.
You can search:
  • People
  • Places
  • Products
  • Programs
This API will give you some informations and the id of the leanks that you can use in the Search API for make a search with a particular leank matched by Leankr.
This API allow you to see a program page with related leanks.