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Real Time API

The Real-time API provides your application with instant detections of our resources.
You have to provide us with a URL that we will use to POST each resource data at the time it is detected.

Request Type : POST
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
POST Body format:

Where {peopleJSON}, {placeJSON}, {newsJSON}, {productsJSON} and {defJSON} follow the same resource format as described in the REST API chapter.

Sample code for callback processing


<?php try {     if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST' && isset($_POST['type']) &&         (isset($_POST['people']) || isset($_POST['places']) || isset($_POST['news'])             || isset($_POST['products']))) {         switch ($_POST['type']) {             case 'people':                 // People data in array format                 $peopleArray json_decode($_POST['people'], true);                 // Your code for a new people posted to you                 break;             case 'place':                 // Place data in array format                 $placeArray json_decode($_POST['place'], true);                 // Your code for a new place posted to you                 break;             case 'news':                 // News data in array format                 $newsArray json_decode($_POST['news'], true);                 // Your code for a new news posted to you                 break;             case 'product':                 // Product data in array format                 $productArray json_decode($_POST['product'], true);                 // Your code for a new product posted to you                 break;             case 'definition':                 // Definition data in array format                 $definitionArray json_decode($_POST['definition'], true);                 // Your code for a new definition posted to you                 break;         }     } } catch(Exception $e) {     echo("exception : ".$e->getMessage()); } ?>